In keeping with our concern for the environment, we have developed a very proactive reforestation program. Although there have been environmental concerns with deforestation and wildlife destruction because of haphazzard cuting. BMI is committed to a logical plan of preventing destruction. Water is life and the rainforests represent a great part of the production of water in the environment.

Each village will establish a tree nursery where replacement saplings will be grown. As construction moves on the pipeline, the ditch will be backfilled and the planting begun.
BMI will model the Congo River, conduct route reconnaissance, prepare environmental impact study and conduct a hydrological study.

The final route will be determined based on these studies to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

For the environment, ecology, sustainable development and animal protection guidelines and monitoring, the project is supported by major non-profit organizations such as Peace Through Water Foundation, Oasis Foundation, Doctors without Borders, Endangered Species, and the Save Earth Now